Feeding Women, Infants and Children via the WIC Program

The Women, Infant, and Children (WIC) program aims to safeguard health among low-income pregnant, postpartum, and breastfeeding women, infants, and children aged five years with nutritional risks. The program safeguards these individuals by offering nutritious foods as diet supplements and information on healthy eating. Generally, raising a child takes a village and numerous players. However, in the contemporary world, mothers feel neglected due to the abolishment of the village notion, hence the incorporation of the WIC program, which provides access to peer counselors, lactation consultants, mommy groups, and classes, among many others.

Who Qualifies For the WIC program?

Some of the eligibility criteria for the WIC program include:

•    Low income: Participants must have income below 185% of the US poverty income guidelines or are enrolled in TANF, SNAP, or Medicaid.
•    Nutrition risk: applicants must also see a health professional who ascertains whether they have nutrition risks. In most cases, the screening is performed at WIC clinics at no cost. Some crucial details during the screening include the applicant’s height, weight, and blood work to determine whether they have anemia. The participant must have either one of the medical or dietary conditions listed in the WIC nutrition risk criteria.
•    Residential requirement: To be eligible, a participant must reside in the state in which they are applying. Additionally, residents of locations where an Indian Tribal Organization administers the program must meet the ITO’s residency standards. The WIC residency criteria also stipulated that people had to have spent a specific amount of time in the state or local service area.

It can be concluded that any applicant must meet these three eligibility criteria to apply for the WIC program.

How to Find Assistance

Any applicant interested in the WIC program can attain assistance at the state level with access to over 47000 vendors across the US. In some instances, individuals might be required to apply at a WIC clinic serving the area of the state they live. They will also be encouraged to check their eligibility with the Benefit. Gov Benefit Finder tool or use a short questionnaire on the WIC Program page.