Matt Gaetz Says He Has Five Votes to Stop McCarthy Becoming Speaker

( - Rep. Matt Gaetz reiterated his pledge Tuesday, Nov. 22nd to prevent Rep. Kevin McCarthy from being named speaker of the house when the Republicans regain the congressional majority. Gaetz told Steve Bannon on...

Heritage Starts $1M Campaign Against Gay Marriage In NFL Ads

( - The Heritage Foundation ran over one million dollar ads during NFL and...

U.K. Migration Reaches All-Time High of Half A Million

( - Net migration climbed to over 500,000 in the year running up to...

Sarah Palin Loses Alaska House Race After Republicans Split Ticket

( - Alaska Democrat Rep. Mary Peltola will represent Alaska's house congressional district for...

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Trump Laughed at Pence News Story

( - President Trump laughed at the media when they learned of the 'Mike Pence Rule' and circulated stories critical of his stance. Pence’s rule was based on his religious beliefs that he never...

Biden Appears To Be Stepping Up Plans to Ban Assault Weapons

( - President Biden routinely blames assault weapons for gun violence. After the November...

Republican States Want Title 42 Extension

( - A collection of mostly Republican-led states wants a federal judge to maintain...

CBS Finally Admits the Hunter Biden Laptop Is Real

( -  Conservatives posting on Twitter blasted CBS News for taking it’s time admitting...

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