Need Home Repairs? Check Out These Federal Grants

Living in a Fixer-Upper? Fix It Up Quick With Federal Grants!

( – Home repair grants are financial help offered to homeowners who need financing repairs to their current homes before purchasing their next houses. In most instances, roofing, insulation, and appliance replacement can be expensive. Such repair costs highly impact low-income families, and when they cannot entirely fix the problem, it might worsen and cost even more. The federal government then steps in with home repair grants to help in offsetting such expenses. These federal grant programs are not always applicable to all parties since they aim to support certain repairs that will ensure the homes are more accessible, livable, safe, and up to standards.

Section 504 Home Repair Grants

This grant is also known as Single-Family Housing Repair Loans and Grants, and the US Department of Agriculture oversees it. The program targets to finance low-income individuals living below 50% of the median income and elderly homeowners. This grant also caters to individuals struggling with disabilities.

There are specific criteria that an individual needs to attain to apply for this grant. For instance, it is part of the USDA’s Rural Development and applies to those living outside the metropolitan areas. The focus is on the rural area since individuals face significant challenges in repairing and maintaining their homes in this area. The rate of substandard homes in rural areas is higher than the national rate, hence why Section 504 home repair program aids in repairing and modernizing single-family homes that cannot afford regular loans.

This grant has limitations since it can only be used to remove any health or safety hazard from the home. It has a lower available maximum amount of $7,500, but individuals can combine their grants and loans to attain $27,500. Additionally, individuals who acquire the grant and sell their property within three years have to repay the grant.

Weatherization Assistance Program

This program offers grants to low-income families to reduce their home energy bills by making them more energy efficient. These funds assist in enhancing their dwellings’ energy performance by incorporating advanced technologies and testing procedures available in the housing industry. This program is funded by the US Department of Energy and remits to US overseas territories and Indian Tribal Governments that manage the administration. The grant also required an approved contractor who performs an energy audit and full weatherization. Some of the work included are HVAC repairs, insulation upgrades, efficient light source installation, and refrigeration replacement.

Veteran Affairs Specially Adapted Housing Grant

These house repair grants are specially meant to cater to veterans and service members with service-linked disabilities. The funds might be used in widening doorways, installing ramps, or adding accessible pathways to common areas around the home. These funds can be used up to six times over an individual’s lifetime to purchase, build and update properties. It applies only to permanent residents who receive up to $100,896. There is also a special home adaptation grant which caters to various disabilities where individuals receive up to $20,215.

Temporary Residence Adaptation Grant (TRA)

This grant is a variant of the Specially Adapted Housing Grant aimed at supporting veterans and service members aiming at receiving funds to assist in upgrading family members’ homes where they are currently living. Therefore, if an individual qualifies for the Specially Adapted Housing Grant and is temporarily living in a family member’s home that needs repairs to meet their needs, they can access the TRA grant. Specific terms for the TRA grant include qualifying for a SAH grant to attain $40,637, and if they are eligible for the Special Home Adaptation (SHA), they will receive $7,256.

Additional Assistance for Home Grant Repairs

Whenever a home repair grant does not sit well with you, you can consider different options, including:

  • Habitat for humanity: This program aims at keeping homes and communities livable and safe as it depends on donations for necessary supplies. It caters to minor work such as weatherization energy enhancements, landscaping, painting, and plumbing.
  • USDA and HUD: these organizations provide individuals with low-cost options to those who attain eligibility requirements.
  • 203K loan: This is a popular option that allows homeowners to borrow money for home projects and repairs at a low-interest rate.

Consider the above-stated options for your house repair financing and make your home new again.

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