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Do you ever find yourself stunned by the tragedies featured on the news? Are you overwhelmed by the number of family members, friends, and fellow Americans currently struggling? Do you worry about the world we’re creating and leaving behind for those who follow us? If so, you’re in the right place.

The team at United Cause understands your frustration. We’re a group of individuals with a deep desire to become more involved, make an impact, and improve our world for generations to come. Not all causes resonate with every individual. Our goal is to make it easier for our readers to find and learn more about the ones that best align with their unique, personal values.

Uniting Americans

Everyone behind the scenes at United Causes is dedicated to doing the research and fact-checking needed to highlight the merits of popular causes that people should consider reporting or even steering clear of. Our content is designed to give our readers the information they need to start thoughtful dialogues with others about the causes that could really improve our lives and create better outcomes for decades to come.

Our mission is to use digital media as a means to raise awareness and make important movements and events ore visible. Support comes in many forms, from signing a petition, participating in information sharing campaigns, participating in physical events, or making donations to verified charitable causes. United Cause will help curate, organize, and feature the most important causes of our time so people can make informed decisions and show their support when compelled to do so.

How We Plan to Help

United Cause is dedicated to truth in reporting. We strive to be a trusted resource for our valued readers, whether we’re reporting on news, curating causes, or highlighting resources that may make your lives a little easier during difficult times.

It seems like all of the media we consume is biased in some way, even when it comes to the way certain causes position themselves. We want you to be satisfied with the information you get from us each day – moving on feeling informed, empowered, and capable of starting new conversations or making decisions for the benefit of your families.


The new stories you find on United Cause focus on politics, geopolitical issues, and national stories of significant interest. Our mission is to make sure our readers understand the current events that are shaping our futures, whether political, financial, or otherwise.

Featured Causes

Our Featured Causes are just that. Causes we’ve taken the time to research and share in the hopes they may resonate with some of our readers. Our mission is to highlight causes across a wide variety of niches and needs so that our readers become better informed about the struggles of those around us. While we will spotlight causes with national appeal, we also hope to spotlight some of the smaller personal causes near and dear to our readers hearts.

Helpful Resources

The average American is living paycheck to paycheck. Our Helpful Resources are designed to give Americans access to information about programs and resources they may not have known were available to them. We truly hope the programs, resources, tips and tricks in this section help as many people as possible take control and improve their lives.

Showing a United Front

We take our jobs seriously and want to provide you with the news, tools, and resources you really need. Have questions or concerns? Know of a cause you feel needs some extra exposure? We’d love to hear from you. Email contact(at)unitedcause.com at any time. We look forward to hearing from you at any time!

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