Poll Says Most Americans Disapprove Of Drag Queen Story Time

(UnitedCause.com) – Most Americans think Drag Queen Story Time is unsuitable for kids, according to Rasmussen. Rasmussen’s lead pollster, Mark Mitchell, claimed the question alone sparked a lot of animosity. This shows the topic’s longstanding anger.

This poll included one thousand Americans. The event is centered on males costumed as women reading stories to young children, and it takes place most frequently at public libraries and schools. The event is held apparently as part of an effort to introduce them to the LGBT culture in an effort to promote ‘tolerance’ at a very young age.

The results: 44% of Americans believed it was “not at all” acceptable for children, 16% said “not very,” and 10% were unsure.

Women were slightly more positive than men.

79% of Republicans opposed, while only 47% of Democrats did.

71% felt the event shouldn’t be taxpayer-funded, while 14% said it should.

Mitchell believes that drag queen story hour is a left-wing issue, but Democrats don’t care. Few condemn the practice.

A majority of Americans reject the event because sexual predators and pedophiles have gained access to minors.

However, Nancy Pelosi declared on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars that America values drag freedom of expression.
Are Democrats trying to impose their values on all Americans? According to the Rasmussen poll, many don’t understand why drag is so crucial now.

Why are kids being forced to watch them in schools? They are a captive audience and their childhood development is important. Why is it ubiquitous, and why do taxpayers pay? Forcing people, especially kids, to like entertainment they don’t like to push a political objective isn’t very American.

When a video of a drag queen act for kids at a gay bar in Dallas outraged conservatives and parents, it was only the latest example of a growing trend.

Rep. Bryan Slaton (R) of Texas said he’ll submit legislation barring children from such shows.

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