Heritage Starts $1M Campaign Against Gay Marriage In NFL Ads

(UnitedCause.com) – The Heritage Foundation ran over one million dollar ads during NFL and college football games over Thanksgiving to prevent a new bill allowing same-sex marriage from passing the Senate on Monday, Nov. 28th, until lawmakers have the chance to add protections for religious liberty to the Respect for Marriage Act.

The Foundation argues that the name of the law is misleading because it would not provide any new protections for same-sex couples. It does, however, pose a serious danger to freedom of religion in the United States. By misnaming the bill, Timothy Dolan, a New York Cardinal, agreed that it actually poses a threat to religious Americans. The Respect for Marriage Act proposes to shut down the concept of traditional marriage. Because Congress supports same-sex marriages as normal, Americans who honor their convictions will be dismissed and face threats of litigation.

Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts said that the bill would empower radical activists to come after people of faith. “The American people deserve all the facts.” They state that the Democrats are forcing their far-left agenda in advance of the new Congress in 2023. The Republicans will then control the House.

Fifty Democrats and twelve Republicans voted to send the bill through that could allow the IRS to strip religious groups of their tax-exempt status. Chuck Schumer was able to achieve the desired level of success by virtue of those Republican Senators who voted with the Democrats.

Sen. Mike Lee, proposed an amendment to strengthen religious liberty protections. He offered to back the bill if they agreed to include his proposed amendment prohibiting the government from stripping the tax-exempt status for faith-based organizations who hold to their traditional marriage beliefs. The Democrat leadership showed they are being insincere when they say the bill protects the religious liberty by refusing the vote on the amendment.

The Senate passed the Act in a 62-37 vote to allow the final vote on Nov. 28th, with the help of the twelve Republicans to overcome the filibuster.

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