Biden Appears To Be Stepping Up Plans to Ban Assault Weapons

( – President Biden routinely blames assault weapons for gun violence. After the November 2022 Colorado and Virginia massacres, America heard it repeatedly; Biden wants them outlawed because they kill quickly. He said selling them is “sick”. These speeches on preventing gun violence have become such clear campaign speeches for gun regulation that many American gun owners no longer tolerate patently bogus gun facts.

The Biden administration has become bolder in pushing for tighter gun legislation without political ramifications. Biden supported the Democratic-led House’s July 2022 assault weapons ban and fought for it throughout the year. Midterm elections gave Democrats Senate control and Republicans a slender House majority. The harsh gun control language follows the June 2022 passage of a major bipartisan gun package, which has advanced gun regulation.

Partisanship is evident. Polls show that 9 in 10 Democrats and 3 in 10 Republicans prefer tougher gun legislation. Twenty-five percent of Republicans want gun laws loosened, while 50% want them unchanged.

Biden signed “red flag” regulations in June to assist governments to seize weapons from dangerous persons. Senate 60-vote thresholds require Republican support for a ban. As firearm sales and types have increased, most Republicans reject a ban, believing it would be too difficult.

Republican Sen. Mike Rounds opposed removing a large group of weapons that the public could own lawfully. A June Supreme Court judgment extending gun rights is helping challenge the bans in many states.

History and the Second Amendment are on the side of those who oppose this proposed ban. Robert Spitzer, a professor of political science believes data is complicated and politically heated techniques may not work. Even though the measure was a compromise, he said the restriction was politically unpopular. Spitzer argued strong conservative candidates, not the prohibition, caused the 1994 Democratic loss.

Gun control activists perceive progress under Democrat rule but misrepresenting the data on assault rifles does not ensure passage of a ban. Practical, constitutional, and philosophical opponents already defy controversial gun laws.

Misrepresenting to pass limitations won’t encourage compliance.

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